03 September 2016
New! Podcast!

I received lots of comments by email and on Facebook from people who weren't able to come to my reading at the bookshop in Nairn, wishing they had been able to hear me. I guess it has been ages since I did a reading like that.

To reach out to these people, I have done a virtual reading of at least part of what I read in Nairn, and uploaded it as my first podcast. You can find it here at http://www.podcasts.com/under-the-influence-c4e545fc6

If I can find a way to bring it into this site, I shall do. If you enjoy it, feel free to subscribe. If people like listening, then there will be more!

The reading was based on poems that reflect my influences, some of the other poets who have inspired me, or from whom I have stolen lines or with whom I have disagreed. I wrote a blog about this too, here, called Under the Influence.

I hope you enjoy listening.

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