03 March 2023
New Poetry Book to launch soon

briny book cover image, shells on sand under waterMy much anticipated book of sea poems called Briny is about to be launched into the world, thanks to Red Squirrel Press.

Appropriately enough we will have the launch event at the Scottish Association of Marine Science in Oban on Monday 13 March at 4.30pm. All welcome!

Here's what the blurb for the book says: Briny, the latest collection of poems from Mandy Haggith, reflects her passion for the sea, whether lapping the shores of the northwest Highlands where she lives or afloat on the wild waters of the Minch. The poems throng with sealife, from barnacles to bow head whales, charting sailing passages and swims, drawing deeply on intimate lived experience of the marine world. A sharp, clear lyrical voice sings here with seabirds and seals.

And here's a wonderful quote about the book from Liz Lochhead: ‘The intimate informality of her address to this, her deepest, most beloved subject, from the smallest, most particular aspect to the widest sweep of it, and the sensuous precision of her always accessible language coupled with an often MacCaig-like wit, make for a collection as salty and bracing as the sea itself.’

I am very excited!

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