01 October 2020
The Walrus Mutterer is out of print

The Walrus Mutterer, the first volume of the Stone Stories iron age trilogy, is no longer available from the book distributor and I have run out of copies for sale, so sadly I have had to remove it from my website shop, as well as removing the special deal on buying the trilogy of novels. It is also not available from Amazon, Hive etc, although some bookshops may still retain stock. I am waiting for a response from the publisher, Saraband, as to their intentions.

The Walrus Mutterer is already selling for more than £15 second hand. Into the Forest, my out of print poetry anthology, goes for £1500! Not that the author/editor gets anything from such transactions, of course - if you are selling a second hand copy for a profit, spare a thought about making a charitable donation to the author ;-).

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