Here are some (rather old) links to my written non-fiction work.

Non-fiction books

In 2008, Virgin Books/Random House published Paper Trails: From Trees to Trash - the True Cost of Paper, a non-fiction book about where all the paper we use comes from.

A hand-crafted booklet of her nature writing, called Earth Wondering is available from this website.


Local news

Mandy writes regularly for Am Bratach, the news magazine for the north west corner of Scotland, reporting on local interest issues, often environmental or cultural in flavour. For example, here is a piece on the revival of the Gaelic language, and here is one about the risk of a mink invasion.

Artist profiles

Feature-length profiles of north Scottish creative people, in Northings magazine, the ezine of Hi-Arts: Fergus Stewart, potter; Helen Lockhart, wool dyer; Barbara Macleod, jewellery maker; James Graham, singer.

There is also an article by Mandy about Fergus Stewart in the January 2011 issue of Ceramic Review.

Environmental issues

Is Paper-free Really Green? A two part investigation into the comparative environmental footprints of paper mail and online alternatives, published in Pulp and Paper International. Part 1 and Part 2.

An article about travelling overland to Indonesia, researching paper production, is in the Royal Scottish Geographical Society quarterly magazine, The Geographer, winter 2010 issue.

Specialist writing


Mandy was the co-ordinating author of a Vision for Transforming the European Paper Industry. This is the founding document of the European Environmental Paper Network, a coalition of more than 50 environmental and human rights organisations concerned to ensure sustainable paper production and use in Europe.

She also wrote most of the text on the Shrinkpaper website, a campaign site encouraging individuals, companies and governments to reduce wasteful paper use.

Community forestry and land management

For several years Mandy was part of a team at the Centre for International Forestry Research, working on Adaptive Collaborative Management of forests. She helped to design software, visioning and planning methods and wrote models, research papers and user guides, some of which are here.

Mandy has written and helped to co-ordinate teams to write visions, estate plans and funding applications for community land managers including Assynt Foundation and Culag Community Woodland Trust.

For six years, Mandy was the editor of Taiga News, the main publication of the Taiga Rescue Network, a network of about 250 non-governmental organisations concerned about the forests of the north.

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