by Mandy Haggith - 17:41 on 10 April 2019
I am proud to be taking part in a group of artists in residence in Inverewe Gardens over this spring and summer.
by Mandy Haggith - 17:51 on 13 February 2019
In spring 2019, I'll have two new books out: The Amber Seeker (a novel) and Why the Sky is Far Away (poetry).
by Mandy Haggith - 13:40 on 22 July 2018
by Mandy Haggith - 14:59 on 12 July 2018
A review of the spell-binding exhibition resulting from the collaboration between sculptor Helen Denerley and poet Michael Longley.
by Mandy Haggith - 16:49 on 04 June 2018
I have spent the last couple of weeks sailing south to Rathlin Island.
by Mandy Haggith - 18:25 on 05 May 2018
Is the walrus coming to my reading from The Walrus Mutterer in Ullapool next week?
by Mandy Haggith - 21:08 on 09 April 2018
It's spring at the harbour, suddenly everyone is at their boats, including us.
by Mandy Haggith - 20:57 on 02 April 2018
It is officially spring on Braighlinne, with the first primroses open.
by Mandy Haggith - 19:20 on 27 March 2018
The Walrus Mutterer was launched on a glorious day of sunshine.
by Mandy Haggith - 22:09 on 19 March 2018
Acknowledgements to everyone who helped me create The Walrus Mutterer
by Mandy Haggith - 16:28 on 11 March 2018
Winter isn't over yet, and it can be spectacular.
by Mandy Haggith - 17:05 on 26 February 2018
Ice is magic, ephemeral, spellbinding.
by Mandy Haggith - 18:47 on 10 February 2018
Down by the shore, there is a fish in a hole in a tree. Who put it there?
by Mandy Haggith - 15:34 on 30 January 2018
It's still hibernation season, so here's a poem for Imbolc.
by Mandy Haggith - 15:31 on 27 January 2018
Most of our trees know a thing or two about winter, and go dormant. Lessons to learn...
by Mandy Haggith - 19:43 on 15 January 2018
Ferns, ferns, ferns - and a kauri tree.
by Mandy Haggith - 19:31 on 12 November 2017
A summary of the results of my recent survey.
by Mandy Haggith - 18:02 on 04 November 2017
Thoughts on climate change, the tree charter and the re-launch and e-launch of my pamphlet A-B-Tree.
by Mandy Haggith - 19:58 on 09 September 2017
I'm still writing the dig diary for the Clachtoll broch... Check it out!
by Mandy Haggith - 16:47 on 11 August 2017
A new podcast of a long poem, Alphabet, has just gone up online.
by Mandy Haggith - 19:55 on 10 August 2017
I'm AWOL, blogging on other sites for a while...
by Mandy Haggith - 18:10 on 07 May 2017
Suilven has been burning for much of this week.
by Mandy Haggith - 19:32 on 29 April 2017
I've signed a contract with Saraband for Stone Stories.
by Mandy Haggith - 18:19 on 15 April 2017
Why we need writing that ignores the twenty-first century, that avoids the problems and issues of societ, and that immerses in non-human nature.
by Mandy Haggith - 17:36 on 08 April 2017
When bears scratch trees, what looks like damage turns out to be a source of healing.
by Mandy Haggith - 18:21 on 19 March 2017
Rewilding proponents need to think more about bears.
by Mandy Haggith - 18:02 on 04 March 2017
During February I wrote a play each day.
by Mandy Haggith - 19:10 on 18 February 2017
Some of my favourite writing about the Iron Age.
by Mandy Haggith - 18:47 on 11 February 2017
The sea feeds me - I gather seaweed to appease my hunger to get back out on the water under sail.
by Mandy Haggith - 17:08 on 04 February 2017
I get a good feeling from the Scottish poetry community.
by Mandy Haggith - 15:18 on 28 January 2017
A year on from Mum's death, dead wood in the forest offers comfort.
by Mandy Haggith - 18:01 on 15 January 2017
When Pytheas travelled around Britain in the Iron Age, he probably hitched along on trading vessels, which would have been carrying slaves as well as metals, jewelry and other valuable commodities.
by Mandy Haggith - 16:27 on 06 January 2017
Some ponderings on how rape might have been viewed in the Iron Age.
by Mandy Haggith - 21:38 on 08 November 2016
A weekend at the Faclan festival, on the boat.
by Mandy Haggith - 11:55 on 28 October 2016
At last the fieldfares have arrived - a big welcome to the migrants.
by Mandy Haggith - 12:24 on 06 October 2016
My new pamphlet of tree poems, A-B-Tree, was the focus of a poetry session in the woods in Lochinver yesterday
by Mandy Haggith - 18:34 on 29 September 2016
We need a world without throwaway cups. Today the Environmental Paper Network launched a 'cupifesto' calling for all cups to be reusable.
by Mandy Haggith - 19:29 on 24 September 2016
The mysteries of book economics have me baffled.
by Mandy Haggith - 16:52 on 17 September 2016
When it comes to getting poetry read, appreciated and published, the only approach is to act like a spider – try, try and try again.
by Mandy Haggith - 19:42 on 10 September 2016
Assynt Foundation is creating new crofts. Does is matter that it may not be possible to build houses on them?
by Mandy Haggith - 10:50 on 02 September 2016
At the Nairn Book and Arts festival, I was Bard in the Bookshop, and read poems inspired, dedicated or in tribute to other poets. Here I reflect on how we deal with our poetic influences.
by Mandy Haggith - 18:55 on 20 August 2016
After sailing to Orkney and back, I reflect that Pytheas must have been amazed by the tides.
by Mandy Haggith - 22:11 on 17 June 2016
I'm on the board of Assynt Foundation again
by Mandy Haggith - 22:04 on 07 May 2016
My historical trilogy has been submitted to my publisher.
by Mandy Haggith - 19:36 on 23 April 2016
It must be spring, the boat is afloat.
by Mandy Haggith - 13:20 on 27 March 2016
My new historical novel, The Stone Stories, nears completion.
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