Relaunching 6 November, to celebrate the Tree Charter.

During the A-B-Tree project I challenged myself to write a poem for each of the trees in the Gaelic Tree Alphabet. The result is a sequence, which I originally produced as a hand-made art book for people who helped a lot in the project. This sequence has since won second prize in the Overton competition in 2015 and it is now available to purchase as a pamphlet (see below) and as an ebook.

This little book is unusual in several ways. The poems grow up from the bottom of the page, instead of hanging from the top, as poems conventionally do, and they’re ‘rooted’ with the old Gaelic and modern English names of the tree plus the relevant symbol from the ogham alphabet (the pre-Latin script used for Gaelic in ancient times). It also contains a concertina of beautiful images, one for each tree, by Bill Ritchie.

You can buy it by Paypal from the buttons below, or if you don’t do Paypal just send me a message. If you’d like it signed or dedicated to someone, please let me know.

For each copy sold I will give a donation to Culag Community Woods or Reforesting Scotland, or another worthy woodland cause, if you can persuade me that's where the donation should go.

I hope you enjoy the poems!

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