The Last Bear

Now available as an ebook, from Saraband, on Amazon here.

My first novel, The Last Bear, was published by Two Ravens Press in 2008. It won the Robin Jenkins Literary Award in 2009 and it was Historical Novels Review Editor’s Choice in May 2008. The first edition of the book is now out of print, but now that Saraband has taken it on, a new paper edition will be forthcoming. Watch this space.

What reviewers have said about The Last Bear:

'Beautifully written, this is a wonderful mix of legend and historical romance: a moving and exciting first novel from a fine writer.' – Ann Oughton, Historical Novels Review

'With subtlety, Mandy Haggith has captured a society in the midst of turbulent change.. The prose is elegant and evocative with strong descriptive passages of the Scottish landscape, especially of the forests.' - Vulpes Libres

'In this multi-layered work there are many themes of direct relevance to 21st century Scotland... Mandy has previously had two fine collections of poetry published. In this beautiful and poetical novel, she demonstrates an equal skill at writing fiction.' – Kevin Crowe, Am Bratach

'The author is primarily a poet, particularly experienced in descriptions of landscapes and their inhabitants. She uses that experience well... Her knowledge of the properties of plants, types of trees and the uses their wood can be put to, and of the foods that can be gleaned, hunter-gatherwise, from the land is considerable.' - Northwords Now

'The book draws you in as the story unfolds .. a strong sense of realism.' - James Boddy

'A poetic, lyrical, haunting and spiritual tale ...This is a great read, and has an unusual and unique feel to it... I raced through it and was compelled by it. Highly recommended.’ - Amazon reviewer

'A fascinating tale, one that I found incredibly hard to put down.' - Amazon reviewer

Available as an ebook, from Saraband, on Amazon.