Want to write?

I believe everyone can be a writer. We all use language and have a unique view on the world. I'm always willing to help people to strengthen their own creative writing, through mentoring or workshops. You can buy a one-to-one session with me below or come on retreat.

I am an experienced creative writing tutor. I have aCreative Writing masters degree with distinction from Glasgow University, where I studied from 2003 to 2005. I have taught writing in many different formats and to a wide range of groups. These have included:

  • evening classes for large and small groups of adults
  • week-long workshops on poetry and starting to write
  • weekend workshops on connecting to nature through writing
  • day-long workshops on many topics, including poetry, creating characters, dialogue, writing about nature, evoking emotion and getting published
  • writing walks, including the hugely popular 'A Taste of Nature', a walk to awaken the senses and create a delectable word salad, and lots of walks about tree folklore and poetry.

Current opportunities to learn with Mandy

As well as creative writing classes, I relish one-to-one teaching opportunities. Students or people who want a writing mentor send me writing work, from time to time, as and when they need feedback or encouragement.

If you would like to establish such a relationship with me, feel free to contact me by email or phone - my contact details are here.

My usual fee to read up to 10 poems, or 5000 words of prose, and provide feedback either by email, phone or in person, is £48. For feedback on longer pieces, add £12 for the next 5000 words or 10 poems, and £10 for each subsequent 10,000 words or 20 poems. You can pay with the paypal buttons below, post a cheque or pay direct to my bank (details on request).


Mentoring session with Mandy Haggith
Mentoring session with Mandy Haggith
Feedback on up to 10 poems or 5000 words of prose.
Mentoring session with Mandy Haggith£48.00
Mentoring session (L) with Mandy Haggith
Mentoring session (L) with Mandy Haggith
Feedback on up to 20 poems or 10,000 words of prose.
Mentoring session (L) with Mandy Haggith£60.00
Mentoring session top up
Mentoring session top up
Feedback on an additional 10,000 words or 20 poems (not available without purchasing a mentoring (L) session).
Mentoring session top up£10.00