Unfortunately this year's creative writing retreat, on Tanera Mor in the Summer Isles has had to be cancelled. As soon as a future date has been set it will posted here, or contact me to be informed by email.

When: Saturday 30th April to Friday 6th May 2016

Why: Because there is nowhere quite like an island to let yourself relax and to re-invigorate your creativity.

A writing retreat brings people together to recharge, have fun and most importantly, create. The retreat programmes are gentle but full of inspiration. Each morning there is an optional 'creative warm-up' session, helpful for getting the creative juices flowing. There will be a walk-with-a-difference, an island cruise, mini-workshops and plenty of time simply to get on with your own writing. I am happy to give one-to-one feedback on your writing if desired.

All activities are optional and there is no 'standard' to achieve - participants range from complete beginners to prize-winning authors.

Tanera Mor is a glorious island with magnificent views out across the bay to Achiltibuie, with the Assynt mountains behind. I have run writing retreats there since 2010, as its special atmosphere is perfect for a group of writers to blend the need for solitude with some creative camaderie. Accommodation is in cosy cottages. And the food is great!

To book yourself a week of indulgence in this spectacular setting, or to find out more see here or contact Lizzie by phone (+44-(0)1854 622252) or by email.


Here are some of the nice things that students and retreat participants have said about my teaching.

'There is earth, wind, fire and water. And then there is Mandy Haggith. She is the fifth force of nature. And nurture... ' Ladawn Clare-Panton. Read more of her views on her blog here.

'...One thing that never failed was her ability to ignite your sense of wonder, heighten every sense in your body like when you were a child doing and seeing everything for the very first time. She took me to places I never knew existed inside and outside of myself.'

'When she speaks with you she is so thoughtful and considerate. You never get the feeling she wants to interrupt you. Or hurry you along. She just absorbs you and ignites your passion in writing, in poetry, in nature, in people...'

'...the real magic happened in the way Mandy chatted to each and every one of us about our lives and our relationship to writing. She was interested in each and everyone of us in our own, her own special way. When she listened to you, she gave you every ounce of her attention. When she gave you advice it was constructive and supportive and imminently relevant and useful.'