11 August 2017
Upcoming events

Here are some events when I'll be reading or doing workshops over the next few months:

Sunday 20 August, 5.30pm, Edinburgh Book Festival, Amnesty International event, FREE!

Friday 1 September, 8pm, Callander Poetry Weekend.

Tuesday 19 September, 8.30am, Scottish Parliament Committee on Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform (I don't know if this event is open to the public).

Friday 13 October, Dingwall Words on the Street, Highflight Books - two events, a reading at 11am, 'True or False' of my historical fiction, and a workshop at 2pm, 'Lies, lies, lies', on writing about the past. For more info contact Phil Baarda.

Saturday 25 November, erection of a totem pole with my tree poem engraved on it at Langs Craig, near Glasgow, to celebrate the launch of the Tree Charter.